My name is Katrin Karlsson and I run Rosengårdens Kennel.


The kennels started in 1957 by my mother and when she decided to retire from the business I took over.

When we grow up, we were always allowed to choose whichever dog we wanted. Since there were five of us we subsequently had many different breeds since we all wanted something different, of course!


When my oldest sister became a teenager she decided that she would like a Yorkshire Terrier. I knew nothing about the breed so I searched through my mothers dog-books for a picture of one. When I found a picture I was adamant that I definitely did not want one. Goodness, what a grooming job!! But guess who became passionate about them? Since then there has never existed another breed of dog for me.

When my own children grew up I decided that I would like to begin breeding Yorkshire Terriers and so the journey started, 1996. It has been a lot of hard work but has brought with it more joy than I ever thought possible.

I hope that I am lucky enough to breed beautiful and sound "Yorkies" who I can compete and also can be a family member bringing joy to many.

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Katrin Karlsson

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